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Rda’s or Rebuildable dripping atomizers are dripping system like a tank without the glass you install your own coils and rewick them yourself. Instead of filling up the tank you drip the juice right onto the wicked coils which allows you to chop and change flavors as much as you like and you can set them up to handle higher wattage. You can run an Rda on regulated mods and mechanical mods


Rta or rebuildable tank atomizer is a tank with a rebuiladble deck so you can still have all the fun of rebuilding with having to drip all day  


A rebuildable dripping tank atomiser is a combination of Rda Rta with a tank juice chamber at the bottom and the build deck on top. The cotton ends sit on holes at the top of the juice chamber so when to cotton runs dry you can tip the rdta sideways this allows juice to re soak the cotton and with the build deck being on the top you can still drip juice directly on to the coils like you would an rda